The Hall of Fame has been created to honor those having furthered the profession of massage therapy. These folks are the Bridge Builders for all massage therapists! Who would you suggest for the Hall of Fame?

Don't miss this year's Induction Ceremony Saturday, JUNE 19, 2010 at the Festival.
These Professionals have helped make you into better therapists.
Honor them by attending this ceremony in their honor!

Congratulations to BioFreeze on becoming the
2010 Hall of Fame Institution of the Year

Congratulations to Joe Ferguson, the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!

And here is The 2010 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame!!!

Ben Benjamin

Elliot Greene

Steven Halpern

Julia Hayes

Bob King

Sudevi Linda Kramer

Dr. Jacob Liberman

Claire Marie Miller

Carole Osborne

Karen Reifinger

Rick Rosen

Howayo Takata

Announced at this ceremony will be these Annual Industry Awards:

2010 Association
2010 Teacher
2010 School

Also recognized will be all licensed therapists with 20 or more years service as,
"The Pioneers of Massage."

Loyalty Awards for free 2011 Workshop Registration for attending 4 consecutive Festivals.

First Annual Charlotte Hooten Scholarship Award

Aunty Margaret Humanitarian Award

Presidential Service Award Winners

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