World Massage Festival &
Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

July 12-15, 2015
Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa
Michigan City, Indiana

Our Mission Statement: To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists
about different types of massage and to have fun.



Once in a Blue Moon Contest!!


Here is what one of the 2014 winners has to say:

"My name is Joseph McCoy from Texas and I have been a Licensed massage therapist for 7 years. I normally take continuing education through certain educators that I know are leaders in their field of expertise. One day while perusing the Massage Insurance Plus website, or perhaps was an attachment in an email, I noticed a little sweepstakes I could enter at the bottom of the page. It was a "Roll The Dice" competition sponsored by "The World Massage Festival". They pick one winner from each state and notify you if you have won. Keep in mind this is a $400 value, so I thought my chances were slim to win because I hadn't won anything in a while. I had heard of this massage festival/ conference in the past especially when they came to Texas, but I never had a chance to look into it, so I was somewhat familiar with it.

Several weeks had gone by and I had forgotten about it, and then I got a call saying that I had won the "Roll the Dice competition!" They had been trying to send me notice in email, but it went to my junk folder twice. So I graciously accepted because its not every day you get an opportunity to go do continuing education for free! 2014 was held in Las Vegas, NV so I thought it was a good chance to go there for my very first time!

The fun and SURPRISES didn't stop there ! I had read the schedule before arriving and saw that they do drawings for scholarships everyday of the festival as well as Cash drawings of $500 per day and many more door prizes ! I made sure I was present at each drawing because you have to be present to win. The first day I won a nice door prize with a Massage planner and a free Medical Massage DVD by Boris Prilutsky. Many of my classmates had won Jewelry which looked pretty valuable and they said The Massage Festival was giving away thousands of dollars worth of Jewelry.

I showed up for 2nd day drawing and Lo and Behold, The director called my name ! So I was the 2nd recipient of $500.00 Cash !!! What more could you ask for? So I got a free tuition valued at $400, and then some door prizes worth around $100 and then a $500.00 cash prize. That nearly covered all my lodging and airfare, plus I got some really great CEUs from very well-known big hitters in the massage industry from around the world! I think I am a Massage Festival Student for Life after this. They also have nice incentives if you just want to pay one fee to go free the rest of your life!

I can definitely say this has been one of the most memorable and exciting experiences that I have had doing continuing education and having a chance to win some cash or prizes to recoup my costs. Not to mention the valuable networking with fellow Massage Therapists from around the USA and the World. Plus we even got to do Karaoke the second night of the festival. I will definitely be back for next year! Hope to see you there!"

"Once in a Blue Moon" at the World Massage Festival actually occurs once a year. Each Christmas Eve, we pull 1 name from each state and 2 international winners to get a FREE registration for the upcoming Festival. Enter the contest to have your chance to join our Festival Family in 2015!

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Winning entries are non-transferable to another person and are for attendance at the 2015 Festival only.

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