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Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

August 6-9, 2018
Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas,, Nevada

Our Mission Statement: To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists
about different types of massage and to have fun.

Jenny Ray
2009 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Member

My Native name is Ska Mato Pejuta Winan which means White Bear Medicine Woman. I received this name from my father in Castun Ceremony in 2000. My heritage is like many natives these days....quite mixed up. I am Santee', Dakota Sioux and Irish. I am very humbled that you would share your time with us to read this web site and inquire about the Medicine Ways of our people.

I have had the privilege to study with many great healers, medicine men and women and shamans of several cultures. My late father, Charles Thompson, known as Chas to his Native friends and as Chuck to his white friends, was an inspiration for much of this study. He was thrilled that one of his children wanted to follow the traditions of our people. My sister Nancy also follows the ways of our ancestors, although on a bit different path from mine.

On the journey to become Shaman there are Twelve Medicine Paths according to the traditions of our ancestors. Each path requires one year minimum of apprenticeship type study. Each path is very detailed and can require a life time of in-depth learning to become a master. I have walked all twelve paths and have spent the last 14 years fully committed to Inyan Pejuta (Stone Medicine). I must admit I find it the easiest for me to understand.

Our people have used hot and cold stones and specific stroke and layout systems for over ten thousand years. As far as I know I am the first native to come forward with the ceremonial applications behind this powerful work. With that assignment offered by my father comes a huge responsibility. I feel honor bound to always carry the message of the Stone Tribe with a gentle voice and quiet respect, for they have many more songs of wellness to sing for us.

If you should join Janelle and me in a workshop we both pledge to you that along with the technical aspects of geo-thermal therapy you will receive the free gift of ceremonies that will change your life. We never charge for ceremonies, they are simply an offering of the gifts we have received from our ancestors. We are blessed to be a very small part of this living culture in America that many may think has vanished. Therefore we freely become ceremony with you in an effort to continue that legacy.

Website: Sacred Stone Medicine

Healing Hands (Native American Energy Work)
8 Credit Hours

'Healing Hands' (Waphiyapi Nape) is a term used to describe an ancient wellness method taught to "healers", throughout the Native American nations long before the white man came. This class reaches into that ancient history for its foundation. Shamans have been offering this form of hands on, energetic healing for generations. The most common form of this work in modern our modern massage profession is known as Reiki.

'Healing Hands' uses a different symbol system than Reiki yet draws on the same innate wisdom of the universe to bring about balance for the client. These methods work in tandem and have no conflict for the 'healers' who offer both types of hands on healing. The symbols used in 'Healing Hands' have been drawn as Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Native American rock art throughout the Americas. In this class you learn how to use those symbols and what they stand for in regards to health and wellness.

Through demonstrations, hands on practice and a written manual you will learn how to employ this natural and noninvasive healing art. You will participate in ritual and ceremony during a free initiation process that will allow you to bring your hands in harmony with Creator's energy.

Supply List
  • Your own linens (no need to disrobe for this course)
  • Pillows for knees and head (no large round bolsters please)
  • Massage table (if you are driving to class)


WASE - Native American Stone Facial Massage

8 Credit Hours

The term WASE means 'face paint' and refers to the paint Native Americans applied as part of their regalia for ceremonies. In this class you learn a warm stone layout that will wrap your client in comfort while you use specific strokes, temperatures and pressures to achieve the most wonderful facial massage. This system makes the facial massage into a full body treatment. Clients say WASE is amazing for stress relief, rejuvenation and complete relaxation.

This class will introduce you to the exciting education system developed by Stone Medicine and based on ancient traditional ways of storytelling. Relating the strokes to various terms or living beings in nature makes it so easy to learn (and remember) when and how to use various strokes. You can quickly remember how to use a cool stone to paint the mask of Raccoon (just happens to be lymphatic drainage work!)

In this fun class you will learn some quick tricks to incorporate into any massage session that can magically relax the most resistant client. Learn the importance of temperature use for physiological changes that will support detoxification for improved immunity.

Supply List:

Each work station will need a heating unit, chilling unit, hot and cold stones, thermometer, towels, and sanitation products as well as a massage table with linens.

For this class massage oil, sanitation products and some stones are supplied for you. You must make arrangements with us to share other items needed for the course. If possible please bring the following:
  • Massage table, pillow for bolster (no large round bolsters please!)
  • Linens (client only disrobes shoulders and neck, no need for face cradle)
  • Stones (all types, basalt, marble, gem and crystal welcome) Bring what you have, some will be supplied for you
  • Stone Heater and small ice chest


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