World Massage Festival &
Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

August 6-9, 2018
Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas,, Nevada

Our Mission Statement: To honor those who built the bridges for our profession,
to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists
about different types of massage and to have fun.

Lawrence Woods
2018 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

Lawrence Woods is the creator of Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT). It was through his insights about well-established physiological laws developed more than a century ago and the link to the recent neural mapping of the brain, that Neural Reset Therapy® was born. The NRT process allows a therapist to obtain the ability to reset the muscular tonus of muscles and remove trigger points of muscle, periosteum of bone tissue, ligaments, tendons, and skin. Blood and lymph circulation is restored to the reset areas. No direct manual work on the affected tissues is required. Muscles that cannot be treated by fingers or tools can be reset through NRT.

Lawrence has a varied background in science and the health professions. He is the holder of three degrees from Indiana University. Originally, he was a chemistry major and worked in the chemical research division of a major company in the Chicago region. He went on to medical research at Columbia University in New York City. With his degrees in public health and dental hygiene, he served the psychiatrically compromised population for the state of Indiana for a decade.

Lawrence started studying nutrition and exercise science in 1963 and starting counseling clients in those areas in the early 1970s. Around that time, he received a serious injury to his back and started investigating bodywork and massage modalities. Eventually he started taking classes, starting in 1981 and eventually ended up as a student under Sandy Fritz, owner and director of Health Enrichment Center of Lapeer, Michigan. She is a well published author for the massage industry.

Even though he was well trained in multiple modalities, he became frustrated with the limitations of the current scientific understanding of bodywork science. Since the creation of Neural Reset Therapy® and the formation of a teaching staff, NRT is reinvigorating the practices of therapists across the country and allowing them to achieve greater clinical success with little stress on their own bodies.

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